30 reasons to choose Warpspeed WMS

Warpspeed WMS is a highly flexible warehouse management system. Warpspeed WMS’s features allow you to use standard software to set up unique logistics processes. But what makes Warpspeed WMS unique?

  • Warpspeed WMS includes fully dynamic business ruling via a low-code platform. You decide how the software should work.
  • Possibility of writing own functions and formulas.
  • Full dual tracking for example to support pieces and kilograms simultaneously.
  • Support for multiple input units so that entries can be entered, for example, in pieces, omboxes or pallets.
  • Flexible location management inside and outside your own organization.
  • Extensive linking capabilities with, for example, Kardex, Pick-2-Light, IoT, Robotics, API and Websockets.
  • Assurance of complex regulations such as ADR, which allows management of chemical, explosive or flammable goods.
  • Policies that guide stock flow and can inherit from each other, for stock flow management and exceptions.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): manage the customer’s inventory in their warehouse.
  • Stacked (nested) license plates, such as unique labels for boxes on pallets in shipping containers, for example.
  • Support for homogeneous and heterogeneous license plates. One license plate can contain one or more items distributed over one or more unit of measure.
  • App for on handheld scanners, cell phones, tablets and mobile computers.
  • Browser based customizable user interface.
  • Support for personal views in all screens.
  • Built-in web-based reporting, dashboard & labeling engine.
  • Support for Mixed ERP, where multiple ERP systems can be connected simultaneously (or none).
  • Classification of stock creating multiple “views” of the same stock.
  • Support for quality control and lot characteristics: infinite and free characteristics of lot/sublot.
  • Possibilities for fast-lane insertion.
  • Support for custom scan flows.
  • Dynamic staging / follow my stock.
  • 14 level allocation ruling.
  • Vehicle & zone filtered assignments.
  • Dimensional putaway.
  • Route optimizing based on double plays.
  • Volledig GS1-scannen op inbound, outbound, replenishments en counts.
  • Automatically adjust pick unit based on multiple units per item.
  • Inline transformations: set compositions during order picking.
  • Sort-while-pick: picking and sorting multiple orders simultaneously.
  • Phantom lots. No inbound but outbound registration.

Do you want to learn more about Warpspeed and what WMS can do for your organization? Read more about Warpspeed WMS here or contact us using the form below!

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