Happy Hairservice’s order-to-delivery process with App4Sales and Warpspeed WMS.

Happy Hairservice is a Dutch family business and has been a major supplier to the hairdressing industry for over 40 years. Happy Hairservice supplies high-quality hairdressing supplies from curlers to clippers and from hairdressing chairs to hair dye. By targeting sales only to hair salons, they can ensure their exclusivity.

Happy Hairservice adapts to the market, innovating, digitizing and automating. In 2017, for example, the decision was made to start with App4Sales and Happy Hairservice started using Warpspeed WMS in their warehouse in mid 2022. With this, Happy Hairservice has optimized its entire process from order to delivery.

App4Sales is helping Happy Hair grow.

Before Happy Hairservice started using App4Sales, they worked with handwritten order forms which were photographed by a representative. This photo was forwarded to the office where the order was manually entered into the computer. To accelerate up and digitize this process, Happy Hairservice started using App4Sales. “If we had not taken this step, we would not have been able to process the number of orders we do now. App4Sales helps us grow tremendously,” says Kevin Boonekamp, marketing manager at Happy Hairservice.

App4Sales as a temporary POS system.

App4Sales is the sales app for sales representatives. Orders can be placed via App4Sales at trade shows, during customer visits or on the road. Find products easily in the catalog or use the camera to scan barcodes. Thanks to the connection with the ERP-system Exact Globe, the representatives at Happy Hairservice can forward orders directly for administrative processing and invoicing. At Happy Hairservice, not only the sales representatives use the sales app. “We use the app for the reps as an order-entry system, but we can use it inside as well. Many colleagues are multi-purpose deployable so in addition to collecting orders in the warehouse, they help customers in the store using App4Sales as a temporary POS system. App4Sales is our lead application for incoming orders,” Kevin says.

App4Sales works easily and quickly. The app is also very user-friendly. Orders are forwarded directly to the system without us having to interfere and enter the orders manually. So we can be very goal-targeted and can inform customers well about our products via the app.

Kevin Boonekamp, Marketing manager Happy Hairservice.

Future-proof logistics with Warpspeed WMS.

Happy Hairservice has 10,000 items in its assortment. They sell the articles mainly with the sales app App4Sales. In order to also be able to sell all these products from stock, Happy Hairservice will soon move to a larger warehouse with an area of 5,000 m2.

“Our new warehouse is three times bigger than the one we use now. Now we still know where all the products are, but that will be a big challenge in our new warehouse. That’s why we started working with Warpspeed WMS. Once we have moved, we know the capabilities of Warpspeed WMS well and can immediately use it to its full potential,” Kevin says. Warpspeed WMS is a flexible warehouse management system that gives you complete freedom in your logistics processes. Your processes run exactly the way you want them to. You create future-proof logistics, so you get a grip on your stock which ensures an increased delivery reliability.

Delivery reliability increases significantly by using Warpspeed WMS.

Warpspeed WMS gives you a better insight into your inventory, which in turn increases your delivery reliability significantly. “We already notice that we have much better insight into our stock, where items are and what we are missing for the customer. This has greatly increased the reliability of order picking,” says Kevin. Not only the insight into inventory and delivery reliability are major benefits, the tight inventory control also makes inbound and outbound a lot more secure. “We don’t have to look for products now and don’t miss out,” Kevin adds.

Where previously two staff members were packing orders all day, order picking now goes quickly and easily through Warpspeed WMS. “We scan the location and items so nothing goes wrong during order picking,” Kevin says. When Happy Hairservice moves to a larger warehouse, they have already mastered Warpspeed WMS. From the new warehouse, products can be delivered quickly from stock to their customers.

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