Optimizers update: be creative!

After 3 weeks of working in the office again, “the new normal” is almost the “old normal”. New customers are once again finding us well and the teams are busy rolling out our products. We help customers with dropshipment within our B2B webshop and help as many companies as possible to get sales online.

Be creative!

With trade shows being cancelled and the social distance in place in most countries, many wholesalers are becoming more creative in the way they sell.

We see clients setting up a showroom in the office to receive customers and display products. This makes it possible to also show and sell products live online, of course through App4Sales. Driving showrooms can also be a welcome way to sell to your customers.

Selling online is of course perfectly possible through the B2B webshop Portal4Sales or order app App4Customers, but you can also sell well with social distance through App4Sales. Here’s an example of how App4Sales is used in conjunction with a mini-beamer to sell.

be creative

More digital

One thing the Covid-19 crisis taught us is that digitization makes us very flexible.

We can massively work from home, meet with Zoom or Teams and order online more than ever. It is precisely this trend that made us decide to make the App2Track app used by companies like Bloomon and PostNL available to SME’s: you can track your delivery in real-time and make your packing slips digital!

See what this could mean for your logistics department here.

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Who are Optimizers?

Optimizers is a group of 160 specialists with passion for SAAS technology. Our products are developed in-house within the range of order to delivery. We want to Optimize your future by creating the best SAAS software solutions.

We invest in long-term relationships with our customers and our employees. Let’s grow together is one of our slogans, that counts for our customers as well as for our co-workers.

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