Warehouse Management System Warpspeed contributes to lean working at Quooker

The tremendous growth Quooker is experiencing requires a flexible Warehouse Management System. With Warpspeed, Quooker can design and optimize its logistics processes as desired.

Quooker has been a well-known player in the kitchen industry for many years. The company is known for its boiling-water faucets but also produces boilers, faucets, and various accessories that go with them. Quooker operates internationally and uses a structure of lean working. Here, the ability to design logistics processes flexibly is important, so that changes can be responded to quickly.

Warpspeed optimizes Quooker’s supply chain

Before commissioning WMS system Warpspeed, Quooker used its own application for its inventory management. However, this one lacked the flexibility that Quooker needed. In addition, this application had no link with Exact Globe, and all sorts of things had to be manually registered in the Globe Administration afterward.

The Next Generation WMS Warpspeed can be set completely as desired. The flexibility of the WMS allows unnecessary elements to be omitted or important elements to be added, giving Quooker complete freedom over the design of its logistics processes. This optimizes the supply chain.

In addition, Warpspeed is linked to Exact Globe, allowing changes within Warpspeed to be implemented directly within the Exact Globe administration. This is one of the reasons why Quooker works with scanners; this way scanned and moved items are registered directly in Exact Globe.

Quooker is positive about Warpspeed implementation

Warpspeed is positively received by the Quooker team. Changing the warehouse management system involves adjustments, but Warpspeed’s flexibility is exactly what Quooker needs. At the moment, Warpspeed is only used in Quooker’s department store, but in the future, it will be rolled out further within other branches of the company, in order to set up logistics processes even more efficiently.

‘We are satisfied. Optimizers is a professional company, and we enjoy cooperating with them, especially with the consultants. This ensures a fine implementation of everything. In addition, Optimizers is always available for questions, which is also pleasant.’

Tom ‘t Lam, Supply Chain Consultant at Quooker

Quooker is also positive about working with Optimizers. By offering customization within Warpspeed, client needs can be met perfectly.

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