EDI Gateway

Optimize your EDI.

Powerful EDI software to communicate your messages with your trading partners.

EDI Gateway: Optimize your EDI

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows you to collaborate with customers, suppliers and logistics service providers worldwide. EDI Gateway is flexible EDI software that can be used both online and on location.

EDI Gateway

EDI Gateway helps you communicatie on a global scale with customers, suppliers and trade partners. Our EDI software can be used online and on site.

EDI Gateway perfectly integrates into three existing systems:

  • Exact Globe
  • Exact Online
  • Visma.net

Read more about the possibilities for connectivity between EDI Gateway and Exact Globe, Exact Online and Visma.net.

EDI Gateway

EDI Gateway for Exact Globe

The EDI module for Exact Globe users which processes transactions within your administration. 

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EDI Gateway for Exact Globe

Optimizers and Exact have a cooperative agreement, which makes Exact EDI Gateway available worldwide for Exact Globe users.

The power of this EDI module is the complete processing of transactions within the Exact Globe database, letting you integrate the creation of new messages and connection of new trade partners effortlessly.

EDI Gateway

EDI Gateway for Exact Online

Automatically process EDI messages in your administration, with the possibility of creating and using SSCC labels.

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EDI Gateway for Exact Online

As an EDI supplier of Exact Software, in addition to the EDI Gateway for Exact Globe, the EDI team at Optimizers has now also developed an EDI environment for Exact Online customers. With this cloud EDI solution it is very easy to communicate with trading partners and use SSCC labels.

The EDI Gateway Online seamlessly connects to your Exact Online environment and retrieves the necessary information from it to set up EDI messages. The Gateway packages this information into the correct format EDI message, after which it is sent to your trading partner. Sales orders come in through the EDI Gateway and are created in Exact Online. Based on the EDI messages received from your trading partners, order deliveries within Exact Online can be automatically executed.

EDI Gateway

EDI Gateway for Visma.net

The standard EDI module for Visma.net users, developed with Visma to automatically process transactions.

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EDI Gateway for Visma.net

Thanks to the cooperation between Visma and Optimizers, the EDI Gateway Online is also available for Visma.net ERP customers. This offers a well-integrated and Visma-certified online EDI solution for the exchange of EDI messages between trading partners. As a Visma.net customer you are digitally available for trading partners 24 hours a day.

Through EDI Gateway Online, customers can now easily link to supermarket chains and other industries in which EDI is used. You can also quickly link to trading platforms, including Bol.com and Amazon.

Why EDI Gateway.

For sending EDI messages Optimizers works with an EDI provider. An EDI provider receives, translates and sends the EDI messages between you and your customer.

Efficiency in logistics.

EDI Gateway lets you save time and costs and immediately benefit from the extensive Track & Trace functions. For example, combine the EDI dispatch message with the implementation of the GS1 label to meet all Track & Trace requirements. Reduce your waiting times at distribution centers and handle your receipts faster.

Perfect connection with other software.

With EDI Gateway, Optimizers has responded to the demand of Exact and Visma.NET Software users: flexible EDI software that is prepared for the future. E-commerce companies expect real-time feedback regarding orders that are placed. This includes delivery times and stock quantities. The EDI Gateway supports the order response required by today’s e-commerce companies.

Benefits of EDI Gateway for you.

Saves you time and money.

Orders are automatically imported or exported.

Fewer errors.

Automated to prevent manual errors.

Flexible in use.

Easily adjust messages if suppliers have new requirements.

Worldwide standard.

Internationally accepted and applied by many organizations.

Real-time insight into message flows.

Within the EDI Gateway you have immediate insight into received and sent messages.

Orders automatically in your system.

The EDI Gateway gives you direct insight into received and sent messages.

More information about EDI Gateway.

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